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How to translate conversations with your Iphone

Step 1: Start translation

  1. Open the Translate app .

  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap the names of the languages to change them.

  • Tip: The language on the left should correspond to the person who will speak first.

  1. Tap Conversation .

  2. Say something.

Step 2: Talk & translate

You can take specific actions when you translate a bilingual conversation.

  • Change one of the languages: Tap the language that you want to change  the language that you want.

  • Translate anything said in one language to the other language: Tap Auto detect .

  • Stop or start translation in one language: Tap either the left or the right Dictation button .

  • Hear a translation again: Tap the translation's text box or Listen .

  • Edit what you said: Tap the text box. Then update the text.

  • The text will automatically retranslate.

  • Get a brief introduction to the feature: At the top of the page, tap Tutorial .

  • Continue your conversation: Tap Auto detect .

Step 3: Finish translation

To end the conversation, at the top, tap Back

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